La Grignote

Artisan French Bakery - Café – Bistro
Key West, FL


We bake our own bread in the back of the shop. Croissants and chocolate croissants are also baked daily. We also make a full array of pastries including danish, muffins, cookies...

Opening Hours

La Grignote Cafe
Tuesday - Saturday :
7AM - 5PM
Sunday :
7AM - 4PM

La Petite Grignote
Tuesday - Saturday :
7AM - 2PM
Sunday :
7AM - 2PM

Closed on Mondays.


La Grignote Cafe
1211 Duval St,

La Petite Grignote
517 Fleming street

Key West, FL, 33040, USA

We deliver for free !
(within Key West)

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Fantastic pastries. Open from 7am each morning. The shop dog is a total cutie. French owned and ran. The best croissants we’ve had since Paris two years ago. Worth every penny!

My teenage daughter liked this place the best! With so many great breakfast places, it's har do to choose, but this was fantastic! Their pastries were great as well as breakfast sandwiches and the fruit bowl. Everything was so fresh. Many great options for lunch too! Highly recommend!

This is the best place in town we ate at! We ate here twice!
I’m an eggs benedict snob and this takes my first place.
My son,14, said “best Belgium waffles ever!” This is a true French restaurant started by a couple who worked their tales off for 20 years just to legally migrate to our country. Quality is amazing! You will not regret.


Made with the freshest ingredients.


  • $3.50 Croissant
  • $4.50 Almond Croissant
  • $4.25 Chocolate Croissant
  • $3.00 Raspberry or Blueberry Danish
  • $2.00 Oatmeal Raisin Cookie (GF)
  • $2.00 Sea Salt Chocolate Cookie
  • $3.75 Poached Pear Turnover
  • $3.50 Blueberry or Raspberry or Chocolate Banana Muffin
  • $3.50 Pastei de nata
  • $3.50 Flourless Chocolate Cake
  • $2.00 Coconut Macaroon (gluten free)

Belgian Waffle $9.50

  • Topped with powder sugar
    Served with whipped cream, a side of fruits and mapple syrup.
  • +$2.00 Nutella
  • +$2.00 Homemade Jam
  • +$2.00 Sliced Banana
  • +$2.00 Bacon
  • +$2.00 Orange Blossom Honey


  • $3.10 Double Espresso
  • $3.50 Double Macchiato
  • $3.50 Art of Tea Hot tea
  • $3.30 Peach Iced Tea
  • 16oz: $4.95 12oz: $4.10 Latte / Iced Latte
  • 16oz: $4.95 12oz: $4.10 Moka
  • 16oz: $4.95 12oz: $4.10 Café Au Lait
  • $5.10 Homemade Hot Chocolate Topped with Whip Cream
  • $4.10 Cappucino
  • 16oz: $4.95 12oz: $4.10 Mocha
  • $1.00 Add Soy Milk or Almond Milk
  • $1.00 Add Coconut Milk
  • $.50 Add Vanilla or Hazelnut or Caramel or Pumpkin Spice Flavor


  • $7.50 Ham and Chesse Croissant
  • $6.50 Homemade Chicken Pot Pie
  • $9.50 Egg-Bacon-Swiss Cheese Croissant
  • $11.95 Quiche served with a side salad
  • $11.95 Frittata served with a side salad
  • $5.50 Baked Egg Cup
    Little basket filled with homemade béchamel, shredded Swiss, topped with an egg and homemade creme fraiche.


  • $8.50 Mimosa Made With Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
  • Bottle: $34 Glass: $8.50 Marquis Goulaine Vouvray White
  • Bottle: $44 Glass: $11 Milhade Recougne Bordeaux Red
  • Bottle: $28 Glass: $7 Bonpas Luberon White
  • Bottle: $36 Glass: $9 Marquis de Goulaine Rose D’Anjou

Beer (bottle)

  • $5.50 Islamorada Ale
  • $5.50 Islamorada IPA
  • $5.50 Islamorada Lime

Other Drinks

  • $3.75 Homemade Basil Lemonade
  • $3.75 Homemade Key Lime Lemonade
  • $3.75 Homemade Raspberry Lemonade
  • $4.75 Fresh squeezed Orange Juice
  • $8.50 Mimosa Made With Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
  • $8.50 Lavender/Key Lime/Strawberry/Peach Mimosa


  • $9.50 Yogurt parfait with fresh fruit, homemade granola and orange blossom honey.

Check the board for Specials


Made to order.
  • $12.95 Breakfast Special
    Four Scrambled Eggs served with homemade Ground Sausage Mix, Bacon, Avocado, Tomatoes
    Slice of Artisan Bread.
  • $12.95 American Breakfast
    Four Scrambled Eggs served with a side of homemade chili con carne, Avocado, Bacon and a Slice of Artisan Bread.
  • $12.95 Potato Breakfast
    Scrambled Eggs. Homemade mix ground sausage with bacon - potato gratin - Roasted Tomatoes - Caramelized Onions and a slice of Artisan Bread.
  • $13.50 Croissant egg Benedict
    2 poached eggs served on a croissant with bacon or ham, avocado and homemade Benedict sauce.
  • $11.50 Ratatouille
    Homemade ratatouille served on a puff with 2 poached eggs, cracked pepper, avocado and sour cream.
  • $13.50 Croque Monsieur
    Artisan bread with butter and ham, topped with homemade béchamel and shredded gruyere.
  • $14.95 Croque Madame
    Artisan bread with butter and ham, topped with homemade béchamel, shredded gruyere and 2 poached eggs.
  • $11.95 Frittata (GF)
    Served with a side salad or a side of fresh fruit or a side of chips.
  • $25.50 Cheese platter for 2
    Assorted cheese, prosciutto, homemade tapenade, jam, walnuts, honey.
  • $17.95 French Petit Déjeuner
    • Your choice of Coffee
    • Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
    • Slice of artisan bread toasted with homemade jam and butter
    • Greek yogurt with market berries, orange blossom honey and homemade granola
  • $13.50 Eggs Benedict
    Two Poached Eggs served on a slice of Artisan Bread, with Bacon or Ham, Avocado topped with Homemade Benedict Sauce
  • $15.50 Norvegian Salmon Eggs Benedict
    Two Poached Eggs served on a slice of toasted Artisan Bread, Norvegian smoked salmon, Avocado, Homemade White Dill Sauce and Lemon Zest.
  • $6.50 Market Fresh Fruit Bowl
  • $2.00 Side of Nutella
  • $2.00 Side of Homemade Jam
  • $2.00 Side of Orange Blossom Honey
  • $2.00 Side of Homemade Granola


Served with a Side Salad or Potato Chips
  • $11.50 Mediterranean Panini on Sourdough Bread
    Homemade tapenade – Goat cheese – Sliced Tomato – Herbes de Provence
  • $12.50 Veggie Sandwich on Multigrain
    Roasted Tomatoes – Arugula – Marinated Bell Pepper – Roasted Broccoli - Sliced Zucchini
  • $11.50 Ham and Cheese Panini on Sourdough
    Ham – Gruyère – Unsalted Butter – Cornichons (pickles)
  • $11.50 Turkey on Sourdough
    Aragula - Oven Roasted Turkey - Swiss - Red onion - Sliced tomato - Dijonaise Spread
  • $12.50 Tuna Melt on Sourdough
    Lemon Tarragon Tuna Salad - Sliced Tomatoes - Cheddar Cheese
  • $13.50 Chicken Pesto Panini on Sourdough
    Roasted chicken – Pesto – Oven Roasted Tomatoes - Fresh Mozzarella
  • $13.50 Rooster on Multigrain
    Chicken Curry – Currant – Toasted Almonds
  • $12.50 Grilled cheese Panini on Sourdough
    Sharp Cheddar – Gruyère – Brie
    Add caramelized onion $0.5, Add Avocado $2.00, Add tomato $1.00, Add fresh jalapeño $1.00
  • $13.50 Roast Beef sandwich on Sourdough
    Roast beef, lettuce, mayo, caramelized onion


Salads Served with a choice of Artisan Bread (multigrain or sourdough) and Homemade Dressing
  • $11.50 Rocket Salad
    Shaved Manchego Cheese – Olive Oil – Lemon Juice – Sea Salt – Cracked pepper
  • $12.50 Add Chicken +$3 Caesar Salad
    Torn Croutons - Shaved Parmesan - Homemade anchovies dressing
  • $12.50 Garden Salad
    Mixed Romaine Lettuce and Aragula - Sliced Tomatoes - Marinated Bell Pepper - Sliced Zucchini - Avocado - Sesame seeds - Lemon olive oil dressing
  • $11.50 Caprese Salad
    Sliced Tomatoes - Fresh Mozarella Cheese topped with Basil - Sea Salt - Cracked Pepper - Balsamic Dressing
  • $12.50 Greek Salad
    Sliced Tomatoes - Cucumber - Feta Cheese - Romaine - Champagne Vinaigrette
  • $14.50 Cobb Salad
    Romaine - Bacon – Sliced Tomato - boiled Egg – Roasted Chicken – Avocado – Gorgonzola – Balsamique Vinaigrette or Ranch Dressing
  • $14.50 La Grignote Salad
    Arugula – Sliced Tomato - Cucumber – Fresh sliced apple – Smoked salmon - Lemon olive oil dressing.


  • $7.50 French Onion Soup
    Made with homemade chicken broth, topped with toasted bread and melted shredded gruyere served with a side of mix egg yolk and madeira wine
  • $7.50 Homemade Lobster Bisque
    Served with a side of homemade paprika garlic mayo and homemade croutons.


     La Grignote cafe is family owned by Joel and Babeth, a couple in life. After falling in love with the island on his first visit to Key West in 1995, and spending a year there, it took Joel 20 years to fulfill his dream to move there permanently. In the mean time he met Babeth, a french baker aspiring to open a bakery in Florida, and they opened "La Grignote" in September 2016.

     "We decided to make everything from scratch with high quality ingredients. We also want to be a part of the neighborhood, the community not just cater to tourists."

     Today, we are recognized as the best bakery, place to eat by the whole community.

     We have gotten so successful that we opened another bakery called “La Petite Grignote” located on 517 Fleming street in Key West.